A factory reset is required. Please note that saved files and programs may be deleted during this reset.
Ensure that there are no buttons that are stuck down below the keypad and please ensure that the reset button located on the back is not stuck down below the bottom case. If it appears stuck, use a paper clip to move it back into position.

Step 1: Press the reset button on the back of the calculator.

Step 2: Hold down the reset button for 5 seconds. Release the reset button, press and hold the [doc] [enter] and [EE] keys, and press and release the [on] key.

The calculator will display a menu with the following maintenance options:

1. Format File System – This will delete the user’s documents, but will not delete the OS.
2. Delete OS – The operating system will be deleted without deleting any documents.
0. Reboot – No changes are made, the calculator restarts
Please note that you may have to attempt the above steps a few times before you successfully get to the below maintenance menu.

Step 3: Delete the OS by pressing [2] then on the new menu [8] and finally [0] to reboot the calculator. After completing this step you will need to reinstall the OS.

Please ensure that you have installed the TI-Nspire CX or TI-Nspire CX CAS Student Software and the latest OS for your calculator.

NOTE: If you are installing the software for the first time, please ensure that your TI calculator is disconnected from your computer.

Step 4: To transfer your updated OS to your calculator, please see our guide.

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